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Why Choose Mike?

Why should I choose Mike?
Estate planning and probate can be difficult topics to address. Either a loved one has passed away or you are making arrangements for the handling of your affairs after your own death. Whatever the reason, sharing personal financial details with a complete stranger can feel uncomfortable. There are so many attorneys to pick from (just run a Google search), what sets Mike apart from the others?

  •  Mike dedicates his entire practice to estate planning and probate. He is not a general practitioner that takes any case that walks in the door. There are simply too many statutes, court opinions, and regulations out there to know it all. You wouldn’t trust your family doctor to remove your appendix or perform heart surgery – you’re more likely to choose a surgeon. To the same effect, Mike won’t handle your criminal case or help you apply for a patent (but he can gladly refer you to attorneys in those practice areas!). In keeping his practice limited to estate planning and probate, he provides you with unparalleled knowledge, service, and the peace of mind that your affairs are handled properly.
  • Mike’s fees are straightforward. For basic estate plans, he charges a flat fee. That way his clients know up front exactly how much his services will cost and there are no surprises. In probate matters and more complicated estates, he charges an hourly rate. This isn’t his preferred billing method, as hourly billing has the tendency to create the appearance of nickel and diming, but Mike will work with you to provide a good faith estimate up front. And despite the many variables that make it difficult to predict time and costs (especially in probate matters), you can rest assured that Mike’s knowledge in his practice areas means the work will be completed as efficiently as possible.
  • Mike works to earn your trust. Mike bases his practice on creating personalized estate plans that meet the individual needs of his clients. As part of this process, he strives to cultivate trust and a lifetime relationship with you, so you’ll be comfortable in sharing personal financial matters and return to him to update your estate plan as major life events occur or your planning needs change. This provides him with satisfaction in what he does, and honestly, is simply good business practice: happy clients and their referrals lead to the continued success of his business.